KA Masters Coaches

Coach Jeannie Zappe

Jeannie Zappe has been coaching swimming for as long as she can remember. Her coaching career began shortly before heading to Penn State to pursue her undergraduate degree. After college, she worked in higher education information technology for 20 years, before returning to coaching in 2008. Since then, she has been an age group coach for Sunbury YMCA, West Shore YMCA, and served as an assistant coach at Messiah College from 2012-2017. Coach Jeannie Zappe currently holds a certification in Total Immersion Teaching Professional, and has coached both state and national level athletes in addition to triathletes. She owns and operates Swim Your Best, a local coaching business located in Mechanicsburg, PA. In her spare time, she enjoys marathon open water swimming, and continues to swim in some of the most interesting and challenging oceans, rivers and lakes. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Business Analysis from Penn State and an Master of Science in Business Administration from Bucknell University.