SwimEx Flume Pool


The Keystone Aquatic Center features a SwimEx¬†flume pool. The paddlewheel technology allows swimmers to remain stationary while moving against the current. SwimEx’s pool-width flow allows swimmers to benefit from this current anywhere in the pool. The touchscreen monitor, in-water push button controls, 99 speeds to operate with, and an underwater viewing portal, Keystone Aquatics’ SwimEx¬†Flume is an invaluable resource in enhancing swimmer performance.


  • Targeted pace/speed work utilizing the 99-speed system.
  • Breakout timing and control.
  • Technique instruction and correction.
  • Individualized feedback.
  • Above and underwater views.
  • Comprehensive video analysis with on-screen audio and visual diagrams.
  • Used at practice, meets, and private lesson opportunities.